Our Services

Hardwood Floor Installation

Is it time for a new floor or to repair or replace boards damaged by pets, water, furniture moving or other? All of our flooring professionals have on average more than a decade of flooring experience.

Carpet Installation

Our team will prepare and exhibit samples for selection, rip-up old flooring, and install carpet in offices, homes, and buildings for you at a reasonable rate you can’t deny!

Laminate Floor Installation

Working with a tighter budget? Or perhaps just a simpler process? We lay down laminate floors like it’s nobody’s business. This cost-effective solution to a beautiful floor is one of our specialties.

Floor rip-ups

Our painless, quick and clean preparation for any job begins with a strong first step. Floor rip-ups must be done the right way, or else the following work will suffer for years to come. Call us today to get started 603-235-9772!

Carpet binding

Carpet Binding is used to create area rugs that can be utilized in a variety of ways around the house; under a dining room table, in front of a fireplace or wherever an area rug can be used to add a bit of decorative color to a room. Something so small hardly makes this big of a difference.

Area rugs, Stairs, Hall runners

Stairs take the most beating in a home. Grace boys do the job right and tight, whether it be carpet, custom stair rods, or hardwood…we are on it! Ask us about our selection of different options for you to view.